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Cinema Membership offer for the next 6 months.

Was sent an e-mail saying I had nothing to do as the update would take place when next due. The issue is offer was you can continue watching the latest blockbusters from Sky Cinema for only £6.99 a month (usually £9.99 a month) until your offer ends. But this is not right when signed into my account page & instead of the £6.99 as promised they have it as £8.99 to be taken from the start date of the offer..I have been in contact a few times telling them of this but still showing as £8.99 not the £6.99 as promised..I don't want to cancel but if it comes to it I will have to as know if it shows £8.99 they will definitely take the £8.99 I'm sure. I've never had issues like this in the past as always changed over smoothly. Am I the only one or have others had the same issue.

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@Anonymous User 

Were you previously a boost customer? 

If not then I believe boost was being added for £2.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I had a similar issue.  Was offered a Cinema cancelation offer for £3.99 a month for six months which I accepted.  When the first payment came out in June they took £5.99, despite my account showing the £3.99 offer applied.  They credited to £2, but then come payment time in July my account mysteriously updated to £5.99 per month with no sign of the £3.99 offer. 


Even though I had the screenshot showing the offer was £3.99, they refused to do anything and insisted it was £5.99 so I just cancelled.  To be honest they probably did me a favour as I wasn't really using the Cinema pass, but couldn't be bothered to cancel when it was only £3.99.

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I got a e-mail saying could I send a screen shot of this offer to show was genuine I have sent them 2 & got a reply back saying would give me £12 credit onto my account. So far after saying was happy with this as would make the offer £6.99 I have still no way of knowing how they will do this even after 2 more e-mails sent on the same request ID number the time is getting close as well for the payment to be taken. Not sure as you say to hold on & see if they do take the offered amount if credit been given on account or cancel as do have a voucher already loaded unspent as always been offered a deal without doing anything 

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I have recently checked my card account & they have taken £1.99 from my account as well as the remaining credit of £7.00 they gave me making it £8.99 not the £6.99 as in e-mail offer.

I think will be doing same cancel & rely on vouchers as I've told them after demanding my payment back.