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Cannot apply a better offer

Couple of weeks ago I received an offer of 2 months of sky sports at £20 per month. I redeemed the offer and it was due to start on the 16th September. 

Today I received an email offered the sky sports for 9 months at £20 per month. Obviously I want the longer deal so tried to redeem the code however I get the follow message;


You're already on an offer. You'll need to wait until you're in the last 30 days of this offer before you can apply another voucher


So as my 2 month deal hadn't started I cancelled the pass. However I'm still unable to redeem the 9 month offer and get the same above message.

How can I resolve this? The 9 month deal voucher expires on the 8th so a bit short on time. TIA

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Leighton 


See if Live Chat can remotely cancel the 2 month for £20 per month offer their end and then apply the 9 month £20 per month offer onto your account.


Use the green live chat button on this link below.