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Cancellation offer increases

My Sky Cinema pass was £4.99 upto end of Feb 2023, then going upto £9.99, which is way too much for what there is so I cancelled.

I had hoped a similar offer of £4.99 for X months would have been available during cancellation, especially with so many people saying they have been able to cancel and renew for £3.99, but the only offer was at £7.50, which is still too much for occasional use and only one screen.


Last time my pass was close to ending, Now TV automatically updated the offer through to February 2023, so it's quite disappointing that something similar isn't available now.

I suppose the only option is to wait and see if any future good offers appear, which is a shame. Perhaps Black Friday, which is a long time to wait!


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Legend 5

Hi @Matt71 

What I tend to do if the retention offer is not acceptable to me in terms of price is to cancel the Membership and let it run down.

Then it may only be a couple of weeks (sometimes only a week or two) for NOW to email you a new offer to come back (usually the new offer price may be more attractive than the retention deal to stay when you was going through the cancel process).

Also after you cancelled keep checking your online NOW account under My Memberships Exclusive offers for You towards the top of the screen page.

You could try your luck with NOW live chat to see if they can better the price of £7.50 per month (sometimes it works, sometimes live chat doesn't budge with regards to discounted prices).

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There are always email offers.  Well there were until a month ago.  I currently have entertainment for £5/month until end August, but only doing that to maintain boost at £2/month until July.