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Can't cancel Entertainment Pass.

I bought a Now TV Stick in June, with a two month Entertainment Pass. I now want to cancel it so I can apply a voucher, but when I click the "Cancel pass" button it just reloads the page and doesn't cancel it at all. As you can see from my screenshot, it also says the next payment is "£undefined". I've tried cancelling it on different browsers, and on my laptop. Every time, it just reloads the page but doesn't cancel. I spoke to someone on live chat who said I don't have an Entertainment pass active on my account, but that's rubbish as I'm able to view all the Sky channels and such on my stick. After telling me that, they booted me from the love chat as well which I found rather rude...Screenshot_2019-08-11-10-51-50.png

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Re: Can't cancel Entertainment Pass.

Hi @James831 


I am sure somebody else had the same problem on here recently, where i can't find their post.



I can't remember if they resolved or not, but for some reason in the back of my mind they either used a private window on their internet browser or cancelled the pass via their mobile smartphone in a Chrome browser either with the ad blocking software disabled or incognito mode.


Sorry i can't offer any other further advice.


Maybe try live chat again where you will possibly get a different chat adviser who may have different idea on how to resolve it and if they can't help ask them for the next level of assistance which will be at technical or lower management level who may have a better idea or understanding on what's happening with your account.

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Re: Can't cancel Entertainment Pass.



And there is nothing personal in you getting booted off Live Chat - they do that to everybody.


A service that should hang on for you as tenaciously as if you were superglued to it instead looks with envy at the holding powers of a Post-It note....

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