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Re: Can't buy Black Friday offer

Thanks @schnapps, have seen other posts now explaining that you just have to set the stick up not add it as a device so this is what I'm going to do (already have 4 devices registered that I use regularly).

Another year of entertainment & cinema bundle coming up! Thanks again 🙂

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Re: Can't buy Black Friday offer

Hi @Taylor_T

Just setup the stick and allow it to preload the vouchers onto your existing account.

The stick will only be added to your account device list if you start watching your nowtv passes on it and you have less than 4 devices already registered to your account.

If you try to watch any nowtv passes on your new stick if you have already have 4 devices registered on your account device list, then it will come up with a message on your tv screen when attempting to watch nowtv with the stick that you have reached your maximum device limit on your account.

Loaded some vouchers from the stick the other day to my account and like you i don't need the stick as one of my 4 devices, so i just kept it left in the cupboard as a spare backup device once the vouchers was showing on my account Smiley Happy


Re: Can't buy Black Friday offer

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this thread especially @schnapps

I had an offer starting on Monday for 4 months of Sky Sports for £20 a month and initially thought I wouldn't be able to take up a Black Friday offer because of this, but thanks to the information provided here I am now getting 13 months for that price 🙂 .

Thanks again all

Re: Can't buy Black Friday offer

Yes, I have tried myself and the same thing happened. Apparently after chatting to customer service online, it was available for both customers, but the Black Friday offer is now only for new customers. 


Makes you feel very unappreciated. 

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