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Black Friday passes 2019

Like others I was looking to get another £99 deal for movies and entertainment black Friday offer this year, but find myself disappointed that these aren't available in 2019. 


What the difference is this year I'm not sure - i was an existing customer last year and got a movies and entertainment pass!


There are passes on the website for new customers, but reading the terms and conditions it states "Offer not available to existing customers currently billed by a third party such as Vodafone or Apple" and i am confused by this as i have always been a customer with NowTV directly? 


Certainly, as it stands, i will be cancelling my NowTV passes, especially movies as the content has been extremely poor since the summer!


Makes more sense to rent movies when they become available on Amazon for £1.99!


Sadly NowTV is a sky company and clearly now following their existing deal policies! Which is why i cancelled sky tv last year!


At least i won't need to spend 7 hours on a webchat to cancel NowTV!



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Re: Black Friday passes 2019

I too will be cancelling the movie pass. Poor show on Now Tv for not offering the same deals to existing customers. Very disappointing.  


Re: Black Friday passes 2019

I pay direct as well. As the terms are worded we should be eligible.


They did the same last year and it was only late on Black Friday that they changed the system to allow current customers to sign up.


Hopefully they will sort it tomorrow, or they will be losing a lot of customers this year (myself included) as the 'current customer offers' are a joke.


Re: Black Friday passes 2019

I will also be cancelling my movie pass. Really disappointed by the Black Friday deals for existing customers. Loyalty means nothing.