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Black Friday Offer for Sky Sports

I see that a Black Friday offer is on for Sky Sports for £20/month for 6 months. I then login to my account and surprise surprise, that offer is not being shown. 


How can this be when its advertised as available and yet there is no way I can add it to My Passes? Seems a bit of a joke.

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Re: Black Friday Offer for Sky Sports

Do you already have Sports? If so that's why it is not showing.

However, £20/month for Sports is quite easy to get.

Either cancel your current pass and it will make an offer of £20/month

Or search your old emails for £20/month offers. Despite showing a date the offer has to be taken by, many can be taken any time. Some do enforce the date,but a lot don't.

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Re: Black Friday Offer for Sky Sports

Hey, did this actually work? I too think it is a bit ridiculous that it seems easy to get for new customers but a nightmare for those who already are paying the full price...

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