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Black Friday - £99 12 month deal - "something went wrong at our end"

Clicking on the  £99 12 month deal for cinema/entertainment, getting an error "something went wrong at our end". Sky are clearly happy losing all their customers!!!




Anonymous User
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Had the same thing! Online chat informs me that's as I have current passes I can't avail the offer even tho my passes end on the 1st Dec! Absolutely disgusting to treat loyal customers this way. I've had this deal the past 2 years. I can't believe, they're willing to lose all these customers willing to drop £99 each right now! What a disaster! I can't begin to imagine the amount of money they are about to lose. I'm cancelling right now - I may as well look at 12 month contracts elsewhere since I'm ready to commit 

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I have remained a customer on this deal for the last 3 deals because it's been good value, but with Netflix and Prime now offering so much, will just cancel subscription at the end of next month as it's not worth the monthly charge.👎😔