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BE WARNED. Now Tv scammed me,

I logged on for the first time in a while and under "offers" had a 7 day free trial for entertainment. I selected it and was instantly charged £9.99. When I contacted customer service they said because I took an offer on entertainment 2 YEARS AGO I did not qualify for a trial. OK then why was the offer showing? You have added that offer on to my account and if I don't qualify that's your mistake so surely you should honour it? I had not watched any content and thought how could they not refund me this. After 4/5 emails back and forth they point blank refused to so I gave up. I truly believe this is a sneaky little ploy they are doing and many other people will fall for it. I have used NOW TV on and off for years and will now be closing my account for good. 

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Well Chap


Personally, I don't think your problem rises to being actually scammed, but you did end up paying for something you didn't want.  As long as you did not watch anything on Now TV then you maybe entitled to a refund.


I suggest that you contact Resolver at the following URL:


They may help you get your money back if they believe you have a case.



UK Bob