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B&M free month voucher

Hi all, was lucky enough to be given 2 free 1 month entertainment passes from B&M, when I go to apply them to my account, a message says, the codes are not valid and I've missed out this time, however the codes say activate before 23.59 on the 31 December 2019. I am on a voucher at the moment but this ends on the 3rd of January 2020. Can anyone help? 

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No.  They actually expired on 1st December not 31st December as stated on email. 

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Thanks for the reply, I will contact. B&M to complain. 


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I had the same problem. Tried to activate my free one month B&M NOWTV Entertainment Pass and told it 'had expired' although the email sent by B&M Stores clearly states activation date ends 31st December 2019. I noted there was no Customer Service direct link on NOWTV site and that the 'streamingvouchers' sub-link on the B&M Stores e-mail led just to a web page with an icon in the centre of it and no navigational routes within the site.... So I used an account I have with Resolver, attaching a copy of the e-mail from B&M Stores inviting me to partake of this offer and pointing out the 'activation ends date' of 31st December 2019 thereon... They DID try to fob me off to NOWTV or the 'streamingvouchers' site but as I continued to point out it was a B&M Stores promotion and the 31st December 2019 date was on THEIR company-headed email, they got back to me this afternoon with a NEW activation code with an expiry date of 31st January 2020. Therefore if anyone has any issues with this non-activation, I suggest they follow my path... Merry Christmas!!!



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Which company do you put in resolver? Streaming vouchers, now tv or b&w

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To take you through the whole process (just in case). Open an account with Resolver - they are really good and once a company sees your message fed through them, they seem to get 'on the case' a lot quicker. Your consumer complaint is with B&M. It is THEIR promotion and if your e-mail with the activation code on was like mine it was on B&M Stores 'headed paper', therefore although they might tell you to go to NOWTV or streaming vouchers there is no need as it was B&M who put the expiry date of 31st December 2019 and nobody else, therefore it is B&M who need to resolve. They did try to fob me off at first (probably "too difficult" to get their head around?), but I continued to point out the expiry date was on THEIR headed e-mail, I was issued with another Pass voucher code the following day. You 'should' get a positive result. If not, come back to me    

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Giving that a try - thanks

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My pleasure. Perhaps it was a typo error on their part - but it was an error nonetheless if it was. A bit of a shame for B&M as it was a generous promotion to give for free (whatever any 'ulterior' motive) which has gone a bit sour on them. In my case they made a further mistake when issuing the new Pass - which I'm not going to complain about - They said "Enjoy your one month free Entertainment Pass", but when I entered the code it was for one month's free Movies! Oopsy!!!! Don't expect that though... but you never know, do you? 

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I got my voucher replaced via Live Chat...


Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:40:48): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to Prashant. How can I help?
null (14/12/2019, 20:41:30): Hi, voucher received from B&M is saying 'offer expired' yet voucher is valid unti 31st Dec 2019
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:41:54): It's good to know that you are interested in NOW TV Passes, however I'll look into this matter and help you accordingly.
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:41:58): Before we begin, may I take your full name and email address, please?
null (14/12/2019, 20:42:09): XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
null (14/12/2019, 20:42:30): [email removed]
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:42:37): Good Evening,
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:42:41): Thank you for the details.
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:42:59): Can you please help me with the voucher code you are trying to apply?
null (14/12/2019, 20:43:28): NOWyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
"Term & Conditions: Voucher code must be redeemed by 31st December 2019. Offer available for UK residents aged 18 or over. Voucher Code is valid for 1 Month NOW TV Entertainment Pass, To redeem your Voucher Code you will need to set up or re-activate your NOW TV account."
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:43:46): Thank you for this information.
null (14/12/2019, 20:44:28): When trying to apply account says "Sorry - this offer has now ended and you missed out this time."
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:45:01): I checked the given code and see that the code is Expired now. It was valid till 02/12/2019.
null (14/12/2019, 20:45:40): yet T&C of email that had teh voucher clearly stated ""Term & Conditions: Voucher code must be redeemed by 31st December 2019"
null (14/12/2019, 20:46:12): so it expired at the start of the month, and NOT the end of the month as stated in the T&Cs
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:46:41): Yes , I understand your point, however please note that B&M is not an authorised dealer for NOW TV, hence I would suggest you to always purchase gift-cards or voucher codes from our authorised dealers like Currys / PC World, Game, Asda, Argos, WH Smith, Shell etc.
null (14/12/2019, 20:47:22): so nothing that Now TV can do ?
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:48:38): May I know when did you purchase this code and do you have the proof of purchase?
null (14/12/2019, 20:49:34): received email with code in November, as part of a B&M/Now TV promotion
null (14/12/2019, 20:50:23): sent by [email removed]
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:50:41): Ahh, alright.
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:51:47): please allow me a minute to check if I can do something for you in this matter.
null (14/12/2019, 20:51:54): ok
null (14/12/2019, 20:52:16): That will be great
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:55:01): Thank you for waiting.
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:55:26): As an one time exception, I've managed to get this code replaced for you.
null (14/12/2019, 20:55:43): super
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:56:16): Here is the voucher code for 1 Month free Entertainment Pass - NOWxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:56:41): This code is valid till 22/09/2025 00:00 and can only be applied on this account only.
Prashant (14/12/2019, 20:56:54): Please follow the steps mentioned on this link to apply the voucher code on your account:
null (14/12/2019, 20:57:48): thank you...


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Great that you got a result through NOWTV, although I still believe it was B&M Stores error to put right which is probably why got a 'one time only' goodwill gesture from NOWTV - still, a result is a result nonetheless - Enjoy! 

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I’m in the same position. Tried to redeem yesterday and got the expiration message. Assume live chat is closed today? I can only get the bot. 

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Your query needs to be directed to B&M Stores. It was their offer, sent to you from their company e-mail, so NOW TV are not obliged to resolve this. B&M clearly stated on their e-mail that the offer had to be taken up by 31st December 2019, so it is THEIR issue to deal with.


If you don't get a positive result through B&M Stores, sign-up to Resolver, a free service endorsed by Attach a copy of your email offer from B&M Stores and state that this is clearly an issue for B&M to correct in your favour and stick to your guns.


Resolver is a great 'consumer rights' site and companies tend to pay a bit more attention once they are involved, should you not get anywhere with your initial communication with B&M.


It may be a typing/administration error by B&M... but that's not your fault, is it?