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Another black Friday deal not working

So I found a black Friday deal.. a year for £99 - great.. except it doesn't work.


I try and sign up and it just peters out, doesn't tell me I'm not eligible it just disappears as soon I sign in.


I've deduced it is an 'existing customer' thing because if I create a new account it works and I get to the check out..


I had this last year I had days left on a pass, I talked to someone and they sorted it out.


This time I have about 10 days left on my passes..


Now, now TV you have a choice take my £99 or take patchy at best custom over the next year and make alot less money.. or I could create a new fake account and spend that time moaning...


Please someone let me know if there is a way to get this deal without the hassle..


Thank you!!!

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Just create a new account, it takes two minutes, that's what I did and managed to get the offer. You can also get £10 cashback if you sign up via Quidco.