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Annual subscription

Hi last January we took out an annual subscription for movies & entertainment, can I do the same this time. I can oy find 6 months maximum

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You just need to keep an eye on the offers section of your account, if there is to be some, they will appear there.


I have told there are more offers incoming in time for Christmas 

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

If you go to and click the  "offers" banner at the top, this is where you will see any personalised offers as @KH described.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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looks like no deals this year like the £99 movies and entertainment pass. Shame as I’m not paying any more than that for NowTV. So they’ll just miss out on my £99! 
I already subscribe to AppleTV, NetFlix and Amazon Video which is plentiful.