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Annoying Boost Message

How do I turn off the annoying advert for 'Boost' every time I go into Sky Sports ?

I don't want it, and if I did, I could signup online.

The advert has the focus when you go to the TV Guide and I would like it removed.


It's not serving any purpose, but to annoy.


Can anyone help







Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I am guessing you mean the HD Boost option link button indicated just above the TV Guide Now & Next EPG ?


I don't think you can disable it from my short testing today (unless obviously you buy the Boost Pass).


Though i agree it's a strange location to put the Boost option button to buy (though it doesn't bother me) suppose NowTV assumed in their wisdom it was the best place to locate it to advertise their new HD Boost pass, who knows.


Strangely enough the NowTV Freeview Smart box doesn't show the buy HD Boost button under the TV Guide (only under My Account on the box App).


Buying the Boost Pass under My Account on the NowTV App on the supported devices and going to their website under My Account > Passes & Vouchers would have been sufficient enough if you ask me.


Perhaps NowTV will review where to advertise buying the Boost Pass, should there be many customers like your self not happy with it's current location ?



Anonymous User
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Let's hope so.

It's just annoying.

Anonymous User
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Still no news on when this is going to be removed from the EPG screen?