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Activating a Voucher

Hi voucher virgin here (Now TV virgin for that matter) ...


Just got a stick with the deal that has 1x months Ent. pass, 1x months Movie pass and a 1x day Sports pass. 


The Ents pass, I gather, is queued behind an ongoing £5.99 / month deal I got with the BB.


However, simple Q about the other two:


Do you just start watching something via the home screen (& does that activate it automatically)? Or do you have to go into your account settings and launch it from there? 


I assume you can browse (I have flicked through the movies section) but not clicked through in case it triggered activation. Or, have I started the voucher inadvertently? 


Thanks : )

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Hi @realstokebloke 


Go to My Account > Manage Account > My Passes on here and see if there is a message towards the top of the screen page saying something like " Vouchers Waiting for You" with a link to click on.


Would have assumed both the Entertainment and Day Sports pass will be saved there.


With regards to your Cinema Pass because you haven't got a current Cinema Pass or on an offer for more than 30 days the Cinema voucher off the Stick may have already automatically started from the date you setup and activated the Stick (also check under My Passes if the Cinema Pass has been started).

Thanks. Does the fact that I can see the movie section from the home screen means the pass is activated already? 


Surely that would apply to the sports also - the programmes for which I can see there too? 

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Hi @realstokebloke 


You don't need any active passes to view the content available on the NowTV service.


To check what passes are currently active on your account, the best way is to log in on here and go to My Account > Manage Account > Passes.


You can also do a more basic check, by going into the NowTV Stick home screen page on your television and navigate to My Account towards the bottom of the television screen and if you click on the My Account tile box it should open a secondary screen showing your current active NowTV passes.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer.I have done that ,and as i said  it shows i have no passes  currently working unless i pay for them .The stick cam with 3 passes but like i said they have now disapeared in the the manage my account section on offers and passes,Again thanks for your advice but it doesnt fix the fact the passes are not available that were meant to be free for a month.



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Hi @Anonymous User 


If the voucher or vouchers off the Stick are not shown anywhere on your online NowTV account, then you need to get in touch with NowTV live chat.


Have a read of my post in this similar linked thread below.