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6 month offer price increased after 1 month



I cancelled my entertainment pass, and was given an offer of £5.50 a month for 6 months.  I thought this was a good offer so decided to take it.  The first payment of the 6 month offer was taken 15th August for £5.50, shown in my payments page.  However when checking my next payment due on the 16th September it now says £6.50.  Checking my voucher page it says I’m on a £6.50 a month for 6 months.  


I realise this is only £1 a month extra, but the point is that is not the offer that was given.  If someone could check my account to see what has happened I would be most grateful.





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Thanks for that, yes that’s the same issue (except for different initial offer amount).


Ive tried to fill out the overcharged form on the payments page (on iPad)  but can never complete the page as halfway through it just takes me to a blank page, so that’s useless.  Not sure what to do now, as I think my request on the community pages will not get a response except from other community members.

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OK, just as an update to this.


i have been on Live Chat (which I didn’t realise was now active), and was told that from September 1st the Entertainment Pass price is being increased by £1, hence the £1 increase on my billing.  However, I was told that since I signed up for the £5.50 offer before the price increase, I will only be charged £5.50, even though my payments page says £6.50.


I hope this is true, but will definitely be checking on my next payment date.


Here is the actual copy/paste of the part of my chat transcript explains this:


Jason, I have just confirmed with our back end team and as you have applied the offer before the price increase so you will be charged £5.50 only even if it is next billing amount is reflecting £6.50 on your account.



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My vouchers page and billing page has now changed from £6.50 to £5.50.  So all good!