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£.54 Credit to spend

I have just received an e-mail from Now TV telling me -


"Congratulations - you’ve just got your hands on £.54 (yes £0.54!) of NOW TV credit and it’s stored on your account ready and waiting for you.

To spend it, just head over to My Account and pick a Pass.

Already got an active Month Pass? We’ll use your credit automatically when we take your next payment."


I had cancelled my last monthly pass well ahead of time and have just paid for a day pass that is yet to be activated that has used up the £.54 (is that 54p ?) that I knew was there with an additional payment for the balance. The e-mail arrived after the confirmation of the day pass purchase that wiped out out the credit - it was confirmed during the pay process. My account is now showing £0.00p as it should do. Just checking that this is not a ploy to get me stuck in a rolling monthly contract somewhere downline. I really do not trust this outfit and the offers they spew out to hook the unwary in. It's not a good look if your users have to keep looking over their shoulders every time they use your product.