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3 months of Sky Cinema FREE. NOT!

I logged in today to cancel my entertainment pass as I am not watching it. After going through the cancellation process, on the last screen after turning down the offer of entertainment for £3.60 for 3 months I was offered Sky Cinema for FREE for 3 months.  Obviously an offer I could not refuse. So I took up the offer. 


I then checked passes and vouchers which showed I would be charged £4.80/month !!?!?!


I took this up with now TV chat but got no joy. Can someone from now TV team assist?


Now (03/10/2019, 13:16:23): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to now. How can I help?
null (03/10/2019, 13:17:16): Hi I cancelled my entertainment pass today. At the end of the cancellation I was offered sky cinema for 3 months for FREE
null (03/10/2019, 13:18:11): I accepted the offer, but when I checked in passes and vouchers it said I would pay £4.80/month from 19 October
null (03/10/2019, 13:18:45): Can I get sky cinema free for 3 months?
Now (03/10/2019, 13:19:25): Hello, Good afternoon.
null (03/10/2019, 13:19:52): Hello Now (03/10/2019, 13:20:43): Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me get this checked for you and help you accordingly.
null (03/10/2019, 13:21:34): No problem
null (03/10/2019, 13:24:22): I have cancelled the cinema pass.
Now (03/10/2019, 13:25:16): I cannot help you with a free voucher, you can avail the offer you have received or I can help you with another discounted deal.
null (03/10/2019, 13:27:10): No thanks. I was offered 3 months of sky cinema for free. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot, but would it be possible to let whoever set that up know it does not work.
null (03/10/2019, 13:27:23): Thanks



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Funnily enough I got this today, so in the end I got the three months free...


Hi Brian,

Ref: 05794711


Thank you for your patience in allowing us to get back to you, and please accept my apologies for the delay in response. 

I can see from previous correspondence that you had contacted in regarding an offer that you were unable to claim. Whilst we have not been able to verify the offer, due to the time it has taken to resolve this I would like to offer to provide you with a 3 month voucher code to avail of The Sky Cinema Pass for free as a gesture of goodwill. 

Please let me know if you are happy to accept this as resolution to your complaint and I will supply the voucher on return. 

Kind Regards

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Bad formatting - see below

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I feel like we are all being called liars...



Now (16/01/2020, 19:40:02): Thanks for contacting NOW TV How can I help?
null (16/01/2020, 19:40:23): Hi
Case 05794711
Now (16/01/2020, 19:40:34): Hello there.
null (16/01/2020, 19:40:41): I have been waiting 3 months for a response
Now (16/01/2020, 19:41:15): Let me quickly check with the reference number and update you.
null (16/01/2020, 19:41:15):
Now (16/01/2020, 19:41:21): Can you confirm your full name and email address registered on the account
Now (16/01/2020, 19:42:52): Thanks for the details,Brian.
null (16/01/2020, 19:43:05): Seems like it happened to a few people.
Now (16/01/2020, 19:43:28): let me look into it.
null (16/01/2020, 19:43:37): Thanks
Now (16/01/2020, 19:44:01): Welcome.
null (16/01/2020, 19:46:34): I was informed...
null (16/01/2020, 19:47:05): The offer generated by system is never free. However, you missed the offer and the same offer cannot be generated on the code.
null (16/01/2020, 19:47:30): However this does not appear to be true.
Now (16/01/2020, 19:47:55): Yes, the system generated offers are to be availed when it is prompt to avail.
null (16/01/2020, 19:48:01): It seems a few people got the offer.
null (16/01/2020, 19:48:31): I did avail, but it wasn't free it was £4.80/month
Now (16/01/2020, 19:48:43): Yes, but the system generated offers are not free.
null (16/01/2020, 19:49:34): Mmm, are you stating that all the people on the thread are liars?
null (16/01/2020, 19:50:01): Including me?
Now (16/01/2020, 19:50:43): No, but NOW TV do not generate the code for free when cancelling the pass.
null (16/01/2020, 19:50:50): Did my case get escalated?
null (16/01/2020, 19:51:31): Can you read the thread on the forum?
Now (16/01/2020, 19:51:57): Yes, it is working by our higher end team.
null (16/01/2020, 19:52:25): Chat/email response has just told me the offer generated by the system is NEVER free. But it was for me.



got offer of £3.60/month for ENTERTAINMENT, which I turned down
then it said "Try Something Different” and offered 3 months of Sky Cinema for FREE
Now (16/01/2020, 19:52:29): Yes, I went through.
null (16/01/2020, 19:52:51): So nothing has happened in three months
Now (16/01/2020, 19:53:34): I will put the comments to be resolved at the earliest.
null (16/01/2020, 19:53:56): Three months is a long time.
Now (16/01/2020, 19:55:20): Sorry for the hassle caused, I will inform about this to the higher end team and make sure they will get back to you at the earliest.
null (16/01/2020, 19:55:48): Thank you

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Three months I have waited for a response. 28 replies to the thread.  A case escalated and no reply. Chat in denial and stating there are no free offers. Are we all liars? Why would we lie? 


Will someone from NOW TV team respond?

Anonymous User
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I had exactly the same issue when declining an offer for 3 months cinema. It offered a free 3 month pass. I contacted live chat. They also advised that they do not offer this. Then I got the same email saying we have not heard from you. Then a few days later had an email saying they do not offer this


I've told them as they have called me a liar or maybe even that I can't read j will not use there services again


I'm going to email this thread link to them to show it's not just me 

Anonymous User
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I am having the same issue.

The Customer Service agent was not aware of any offers. I am about to be charged £4.80 in January and I only accepted the 3 month offer because it was FREE !


First 20 seconds it said

Next payment date:19 Jan 2020

What you'll pay then:£0.00


But then I checked again LUCKILY and it said

Next payment date:19 Jan 2020

What you'll pay then:£4.80


So the offer only worked for less than a minute!


I already have a voucher for 1 month free so why would I choose to pay?!? This is ridicilous , can someone from NOW TV please check? Thank you

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I guess no one bothers to answer this, shame on you Now TV.

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Yes, the Customer Service agents say there is no offer like this and yet the system is still offering it to customers. I just read on another forum that another customer has been tricked into signing up for the "FREE" 3 months and then the charges changed to £4.80. This is outrageous !!!


STOP THIS OFFER AT ONCE as it looks like a SCAM.

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I have had the same issue and have been charged £4.80. I'm afraid I don't agree with the NOW TV's representative in only cancelling the offer. I have taken a screenshot!! and I would like someone to refund the £4.80 and reinstate the 3 month offer. I suggest that null may decide they should have the same?


Can someone please assist and action the above?

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FWIW I never got an answer


@Anonymous User Can you paste the screenshot onto the thread.  It will prove the offer was for real.


Can someone from NOW TV Team answer?  @Nadine-K   @Karl-F 


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Last I heard it was being escalated, but nowt happened,


From: [email removed] <[email removed]> on behalf of NOW TV Help <[email removed]>
Sent: 07 October 2019 17:03
Subject: NOW TV Help - Case ID: 05794711 () [ ref:_00DG0BmYO._5004ItuQSO:ref ]

Ref: 05794711


Thanks for contacting NOW TV.


Hope you are doing good today.


With regards to your query, I have escalated the case to the concerned team and they will get back to you via an email at the earliest.


To contact us about this topic, reply to this email without changing the subject line.


Or, if you would prefer to use Live Chat visit our Help site selecting the same topic as before and once you’re on chat give us your reference number 05794711.




The NOW TV Team