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12 month entertainment pass

I purchased a 12 month entertainment pass today (new account), however when logging into my account it didn't seem to be applied. I spoke to someone on live chat who generated me a voucher code, but when I tried to apply it it signed me up for a 14 day free trial followed by monthly billing of £4.99 per month instead. I then went onto live chat again and was told that I'd be given two new 6 month voucher codes instead, however as I'm now on a 14 day free trial I have no way to apply these codes (and the live chat times out while I was waiting for the customer service representitive to generate the codes so I never actually got them). Does anyone in the community know how to fix this?

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Re: 12 month entertainment pass

Hi @doctornick 


Did you have a previous nowtv account before you created a new account for this 12 month entertainment offer which i believe was for new customers only.


If you have multiple accounts, the first thing that i would check is all your nowtv accounts by going to My Account > Pases & Vouchers on here where you need to check them individually one at a time so you know where you are with active passes across all your accounts.


Normally if you are on a 14 day free trial entertainment and if nowtv live chat gave you 2 number 6 month codes, then by going to My Account > Passes & Vouchers you should see a green apply voucher button next to the entertainment pass.


If that's the case you can manually add 1 number 6 month code now and apply the second 6 month  code in five months time when you are within the last 30 days of an entertainment offer on your pass finishing.

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