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10 month Sports Season Ticket - Important Info

Just a heads up fellow Sports fans,


I bought the Sports Season Ticket last year for £179 and having done so, cancelled it immediately. It still ran for 10 months before ending, just like all the other passes I have bought and cancelled.


I bought the Season Ticket this year for £199 and having done so, once again cancelled it to avoid auto-renewals at the end of the 10 months.


But this year, the system cancels it straightaway and you lose all the extra months!!! 

I have had to spend an hour and a half on live chat to get this sorted.


Basically do NOT cancel your season ticket, unless you are in the final month of it.


I am disappointed with NOW TV for this. They are just hoping you will forget after 10 months and end up with an auto-renewing month pass at £34 a month. This was not how it worked last year either!!!


This is exactly what I hate generally about capitalist greed. No sense of putting the customer's needs first, just thinking of sneaky ways to screw more money out of us.


I genuinely thought NOW TV were better than that.

Clearly the fact that it is different this year is an indicator that they felt they were missing a trick...

Oh well - thank God for Google Calendar reminders, eh?

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Re: 10 month Sports Season Ticket - Important Info



Yes, NowTV should really not have made this Pass have this particular cancellation behaviour.


But when you cancel such a Pass, you have up until the truncated expiry date to resurrect it, and you should be able to do this for yourself under My Account/Passes & Vouchers, without needing to involve Live Chat.


Did this not work for you, or did you go past the truncated expiry date, or not realise you could resurrect it, or what?

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Re: 10 month Sports Season Ticket - Important Info

Yes I was 3 days over the date... 😢
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