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a payment was taken out that I was un a where of and I would like to request a refund as I have not watched anything and cancelled the subscription 

Resolved! Taken money from my account

Hi, just to see if anyone has any other ideas for me I have emailed now tv as a noticed a random payment has been taken from me I have tried to sort it out with them and they can't locate the payment or why it has been taken I have spoken to my bank ...

Resolved! Payment Not Being Accepted

I want to re-establish my account with Now TV Entertainment yet I can't. I'm not very technically minded so please bear with me while I try and explain the situation as clearly as possible. After having taken part in the 7-day free trial round about ...

Now Tv stick

Hi I have Now TV via my BT TV can I buy something so I can watch Now TV via my account on another TV?

Poor Broadband / Poor Support

So I've tried countless of times to have a our broadband fixed. NowTV Customer Service seem to have no idea and just keep sending someone from OpenReach to have a look.  Open Reach person states that I'm too far from the "Greenbox" to have the guaran...

Pre loaded stick expiry

I’ve bought 3 NowTv sticks with pre-loaded kids passes (5 months) as it worked out being better value. I’ve just opened & registered one but wanted to know if they expire as wanted to use the other two in 5 & 10 months time.  If they do expire, how d...

Nothing will connect to internet

I had nowtv broadband installed over a week ago. I have been unable to connect anything to the internet apart from my phone. I have been unable to connect my nowtv box, laptop, work phone etc. I have tried the live chat for the last 4 days but it say...

Payment issue

For some reason my broadband and calls isn't coming out my account. The sky movie's and entertainment packages are though. Just had an email saying to pay £50 in the next 10 days, it's £25 a month for the broadband so I get that but I don't understan...