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smart tvbox

Black 4k smart tv box keeps switching itself off after about 10 minutes of being on

Is it possible to have installation fee refunded

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I signed up to Now Broadband just today and paid the installation fee of £60 upfront. Installation is booked for 15th June. However, I have just realised that my contract with my current Broadband provider (Tal...

Resolved! Apple TV Box

Hi, I’m thinking of replacing my 3rd generation Apple TV box with the Apple TV 4th Gen 32GB because the Now App is no longer supported on the 3rd generation. Before I buy one can you tell me if the NowTV app is supported on Apple TV 4th Gen 32GB? 

Resolved! Contact for Discount on Passes

Hi. I've had someone try to contact me saying they want to discuss discounts on my passes. I keep missing the calls and can't phone back as I cant find a number. Can anyone help please? Thanks.

Now TV set up issue

I bought a new TV and new Now TV stick for my daughter's bedroom, at Christmas time. I have followed all the set up instructions and on-screen guidance. Everything is working fine, except for the fact that the volume keys on the Now TV remote won't w...

Watching Now TV through the guide on my bt box

Hi Why is watching the sky channels on my bt box through the TV guide considered using a device? This doesn't happen with Sky Go.   I am not using the now tv but the TV guide. Surely this shouldn't be counted as a device. 

Internet signal

My WiFi box is in my kitchen along with my phone line. I can get internet in the bedroom above the kitchen, but I can’t get a signal in the bedroom next to the bedroom where I can get WiFi. Do I need a booster? Any recommendations?

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No new Now device or profiles

Link to an interview with Sky's chief product officer. Incredibly, no plans for personal profiles because it adds an extra click on entering "the...

Broad band payment

Just curious if I'm able to make a double payment for my WIFI next month? Also how I go about doing that. Just been left without work and have had to pay my other bills etc with the money I've had left over. I don't currently have credit either so I ...

MGM possible sale to Amazon

Just came across this morning, that Amazon are apparently in talks with purchasing MGM. Amazon Said to Make $9 Billion Offer for MGM Amazon is weeks into negoti...