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Broadband failing

HELP my broadband keeps losing signal, it works fine but then suddenly drops all signal then reboots and is fine. i've had now tv broadband for nearly 2 years now so I know it's not a teething problem so it needs to be fixed asap.i can't call the con...

Error message when putting in code after reset

I've reset my now tv stick set it all up and it's given me the code went onto now entered the code shown and it keeps telling me there is a problem please try again I've tried so many times it's not working please help

Drastically reduced broadband speeds

Hi,  Just over a week ago we noticed our Nowtv broadband became very slow (1-2 Mbps). Previously it was really good for a long time - at around 35 mbps. My partner knows this due to keeping an eye on the mesh network that he set up in the flat. We tr...

Sky loses Matchroom Boxing

Further erosion of Sky's sports offering with the news Eddie Hearn has pulled his boxers from the platform and will partner with DAZN. Eddie Hearn signs five-year DAZN deal as Sky Sports contract ends -

Change activation date

HiI'm thinking to join now with phone and broadband. Started filling form etc, but I can change activation date for a later one. I'm in contract until 6/07 with vodafone. Is it possible to delay activation date somehow?  Cheers.

Moving house

I gave a moving date, so my services have been disconnected. However,  move was cancelled from 9th to the 21st. My services here have stopped and they are due to start at new property tomorrow!What do I do?

"something went wrong" can't use now tv after update

I can't use now tv after an update.I get a message "something went wrong" and no matter what I try to do, it is the same message across the siteTHe forum is the only thing that works but that is outside sky is it not?WHat is going on?RegardsKV

How to find land line number

Hi, I’m trying to upgrade my wifi but it keeps asking for my landline number but I don’t have a landline so I don’t know the number. How do I find it? thank you.

Resolved! Now TV will not launch on Roku Express

Now tv has performedan update on Roku Express but now the app won’t launch. I have switched off , rebooted , removed and added now tv , performed software update via secret menu but still Will not lunch. It also does not show on Home Screen. Roku sim...