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need to know something.

If I am away from my tv like gone on holiday or out with a friend or family and can't anything that has a wifi and cant get 4g on my phone to watch anything on the app is there any way I can set my tv to record even thro I am not anywhere near my tv ...

Broadband down North West

Has anyone else had repetitive issues with their broadband? Located north west England. this is seriously becoming an issue and it is affecting my ability to do work. i can’t relax properly either as I don’t watch live tv , only streaming apps or sit...

Help using my ASUS AC88 router.

Any help from someone who has recently set up a ASUS would be great as I’ve seen anther type but settings were different. Also how to get username and password as now say they don’t give those details out? Never had that before.i have googled it but ...

Help me please

Guys can someone help. I have been in hospital since August so haven't paid my bill but am wanting to pay it now but have reviewed notice they've cancelled my subscription so if I pay my bill I won't be switched back on will I??  Thanks 

Sky Sports News no longer free?

Has Sky sports news been removed from the standard NOW tv subscription. We had it on this morning then when i went to watch this afternoon it's asking me to buy a sports pass? Similar happened with some programmes too. WAtching this morning and now i...

2 sticks with 1 account

Hi,My husband and I have already got a NOW TV account with 1 stick. Is it possible to buy another stick and link it to the same account ? Thanking you all, in anticipation, Pauline.

No internet

Hello I need to book an engineer to come and got my internet as I have an NTL Line and not BT it’s near enough impossible to get through to anyone what can I do?

IP using proxy or vpn

Hello!!I have been trying to watch a series on netflix for two days and it gives me the error that Im using an unblocker/proxy or vpn.I have contacted netflix and they said that my IP is associated to a proxy or vpn and that I have to contact my broa...

Problems accessing new episodes on NowTV app on iphone

Since yesterday I can’t seem to access new episodes of programmes I’m currently watching on the NowTV app on my iPhone, I try selecting the programme I want to watch under Currently Watchinb and normally that displays all the episodes and I then sele...

Background camouflage on sky sports

Been watching sky sports for a while now and noticed a strange background almost like a camouflage.  Thought it may be my internet speed but thats really good. Any ideas