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No internet

We have had no internet all day long. Will this be fixed any time soon?

Resolved! Panasonic smart tv

Hi.Just joined NOW..and seems cannot stream to my PANASONIC Does anyone know how it can be done  

Resolved! NOW TV broadband router..

Dear anyone, I've just received a NOW TV router and I see from the network details that it has duel ID's and 2.4Ghz and 5 GHz.. what's the reason and how do they work? Kind regards, Steve

Resolved! Surely Chromebooks should now be supported

I am a relatively new user of NOW TV. I was amazed to find out that Chromebooks are not supported. Chromebooks are gaining in popularity and they run Android apps. But there is no NOW TV Android app for Chromebook. What is the best way to lobby NOW T...

WiFi down

Hello. I've been working in the office today. Had a text to say my WiFi will be switched from basic to fab fibre. I've come home to find WiFi not working. I need to work from home for the rest of the week & need WiFi. Unsure why it isn't working, is ...

Confirmed Freeview Switch off

In the coming months a number of Freeview services will be withdrawn. Obviously this will affect those still using the combined Now/Freeview box.

Torture of Ads has no place on this service

At £9.99 per month NOW TV is much poorer value than other services such as Netflix, 4+ or iplayer which have better contentThe ads that have now appeared after a year or so of occasionally my using the service are torture to be subjected to - I canno...

Help !

My 2 year old daughter has brought a free trial package, on the account without me knowing until I got the email recept. How do I cancel it? I've not used now tv for ages other than, for BBC iplayer. Thanks in advance 

When will now offer ultra HD (4k)?

Hi all, almost a year ago now we had been told that Now would be updating service more regularly in future and were working on 4k/HDR and I believe Dolby Atmos. However, skip forward almost a year and there’s been no further updates that I am aware o...