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Bill/payment date discrepancy

Hi Had NOW Broadband since July & it state that the date the bill is to be paid on is the 23rd of each month (direct debit in place). However since then the payment actually comes out my account anywhere from the 27th onwards. Any idea why this? Also...

Broadband kit wasn't delivered

HelloThe man in the post office told me that they don't have my kit. But royal mail informed me that it was delivered there. Can you let me know how to find it? 

Nowtv flickering on ps4 app

I've received a 2nd router & spent an hour on the phone splitting with wifi but the nowtv app is still flickering when I play through my ps4 Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

Broadband not working

I joined Now Broadband on the 24th September, had set up my old bank account that still had some money in on my account but changed it as soon as my new bank card came for my new bank account, to which I immediately updated the details for on my Now ...

Why adverts?

Why am i getting shown advertisements before a movie i've selected from the library. This is a PAID subscription, as in i pay to not see adverts, at least youtube has a skip function after a couple of seconds and that is free

Resolved! Set up

I am currently with BT for my phone line, I want to keep this existing line and telephone service with BT but want to have only NOW TV broadband, is this possible?

Newbie struggling with Sky Sports TV signing in

So hubby is trying to watch SKY Sports for the first time in 3 months that we have been with NowTv.We pay for it but it's asking me to sign in. I've put in my email address and password but it says it's incorrect.. several times!I'm fine on my TV and...

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Compliments for staff members

I just want to say a huge thankyou to @proinsias from your customer service support team. I've had problems with my internet all week. Proinsias kept me updated throughout it all with regular emails and has even passed it onto Sam when he went out of...