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Background camouflage on sky sports

Been watching sky sports for a while now and noticed a strange background almost like a camouflage.  Thought it may be my internet speed but thats really good. Any ideas

NowTV Broadband installation delays

Looking for a bit of advice really because I'm losing patience rapidly.I ordered NowTV Broadband a few weeks ago. I had an appointment booked for Openreach to come last Tuesday to install a new line at my flat and for the service to be activated. The...

About a Fiber Broadband line

Hello,My New Residence has a Another FiberOptic line with another provider, i am a tenent of that address, i needs to get my own broadband line for my room, because its very slow, someone said its not possible, please explain me it is possible or not...

Cant activate sky sports day pass on firestick.

Can someone help please. I have the nowtv app on my firestick but when I try to watch a sky sports channel I get the message saying i need to add a pass to be able to watch. I have bought a pass having followed the relevant steps but when I try to wa...

On Demand Sport - Why does it take so long?

Hi, I like to watch F1 but I noticed that it can take quite a while for the Grand Prix to be available on demand.  Sometimes well into Monday.  Why does it take so long?  I understand that its the same on Sky Q and Now uses their infrastructure but w...

Wifi disconnecting from Iphone

I’m wondering if anyone can help. For the past week my connection keeps on disconnecting from my iphone. Ive tested my phone with other wifi connections and it seems ok. It only happens with my nowtv box from home. Has anyone else had this issue? 

Resolved! No Watchlist on NOW Firestick app

Can anyone tell me where to find the Watchlist where I have saved shows on the NOW app running on a Firestick?The only option I see is Continue Watching.Thanks in advance.

New to NowTV boradband. Speed lower than contracted

Hi All,I am new to NowTV, signed up for broadband about a month back.I have been monitoring my broadband speed since installation and see that download speed does not go beyond 34/35 mbps whereas my contract guarantees it to be a minimum 40 mbps. Any...

Now tv stick not working

Hi Please can someone help me. I have had a now tv stick for a few years and never had a problem but 2 days ago when I turned on my tv and tried to use it it just didn't work and hasn't worked since. I've read so many posts on what the issue might be...

Delete and reinstall every time.

I'm using the latest Apple TV, every time I turn the TV on Now does not work, so I have to delete it, reinstall it, sign into again and then it works, until I turn off the TV again, I've mentioned this before and it seem to work for awhile, then Appl...