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Are you angry knowing others are paying less?

It really annoys me, to know some people are getting discounts! Make the service the same price for everyone. The money is the same colour. Stop putting enter voucher code here. I just don’t buy from you!  So you discount one customer and lose anothe...

Is [email removed] legit?

I got an email from them yesterday about a survey, I finished it today only to then realised that I didn’t even check their email. So was wondering if it is actually nowtv and not a scam that I have just given info to -.- email was mission.control @m...

Pay a bill online

Hi my bill for this month was missed and Internet is off changed my bank card details (which I forgot to do) wanted to pay my bill online ASAP but cldnt find anywhere to pay it,is there anywhere online to pay and also will they take bill money...


I have just joined now tv & I have my broadband on but when I check my account there is no billing details or anything to suggest that I have broadband on? 

Dionne1 by Advocate
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Resolved! Devices

I am sure I used to be able to watch on 2 devices at once ie me on one and my daughter on another device. Am I wrong? Just tried to watch something but got a message to say I'm streaming on too many devices.


Can someone advise me if you need the Entertainment pass to watch Hayu - I have both passes but only watch Hayu


I haven't paid for Nowtv in a while, and now I can see why they keep pumping out £1 offers every month, they are clearly struggle for subscribers; no-one wants to pay for something and still get adverts, and then pretty much force you to pay an extra...

Lukey by Advocate
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Ever since I upgraded my internet it has become even worse now said I'm receiving 18 but the lowest I should get is 22 I'm really peed off tbh the whole reason I upgraded was to get a better connection and considering they are teamed with sky or are ...

BT - NOW tv account connections.

Do not link your BT and NOW TV Accounts! I unknowingly trapped myself in this pitfall of an offer, and regret ever linking these two accounts. Now, I can't say that these same issues apply when you link BT to Netflix or Amazon prime, but this has bee...