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Getting started on the Community

CONTENTS >   What is the Community for? >   What are the diffrent Community areas? >   How do I make a new post? >   What does "Accept Answer" mean? >   What are Superusers?     What is the Community for? The Community is the perfect plac...

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Simon-J by Community Manager
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Hi I have tried to email you about the nowtv stick that has been sent to wrong address and have spoken to royal mail about it and they sed to contact nowtv for a refund or to resend the iteam. What happens now?

Being charged after cancellation

i cancelled my broadband in dec as it went up from £18 to £25. I wasnt happy about this but it was my fault for not noticing it goes up that much. Anyway Jan bill came out annoyingly but that was by the by. I contacted them to make sure it was cancel...

Log on to my Now TV

I have tried to watch films on my Now TV via the App on my TV and the fire sticks I have but they are now asking for my passwords and they were stored. I had this box in 2007 and I've married since with a change of name. Ive tried password reset and ...

Promotion help

Hi when i ordered now tv fast fibre and free phon it was supposed to come with 12 months movie pass for £5.99 but i cannot find the option for it can anyone help? 

Cant return now tv

I have revived a faulty now tv stick that isn’t working , I have tried all the troubleshooting and it’s not working ! I have 30days to let now tv know it’s faulty and return it but due to COVID 19 they have shut all their chat sites and I don’t have ...

NOW TV Charging without signing up to any package

SpoilerThis has what is has come too .For over 6 weeks  I have been emailing Now TV asking why I am getting charged month after month for packages that are not on my account and that I have never signed up for.I have emailed NOW tv around 22 times no...