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Charged but signing up has failed

Hi I have tried to sign up for a broadband package and have been charged 20 pence but I’m being told that the sign up has failed please help thank you 

Disney +

Does anyone know of Disney+ is just on a new TV stick, or can we access Disney +’on our current ones? 

Faulty Stick?

Help please!!!!  Recieved my new stick, presses the let's get started takes me to the choose network screen, I select the correct network, enter password, then it comes up about an update, can't do anything but press ok, does that and it takes 20 min...


Hi, this month I haven’t watched my sky sports pass and was going to cancel it until I forgot two days after payment was taken from bank account. I would like to get a refund if possible. (£20 a month deal)  

Watching my tv on smart stick

Can anyone help everytime I try to go into my tv it tries to load then just flicks back to home page then it just buffers and won't load I have tried everything and it just keeps doing the same 

Resolved! Nowtv Box Won't Turn On

Hi I got a new TV and I plugged my Nowtv in to it but for some reason my nowtv box won't turn on,  i had my nowtv working in my old tv then I unplugged it to put it into my new tv but when I plugged it in to my new tv it wouldn't turn on and it still...

Cannot get in touch regarding a refund.

I have been charged on my account and would like to request a refund. Unfortunately the live chat is down and I am unable to find an alternative contact. If anyone could assist me I would be appreciative. Thanks

Resolved! Roku Free Ad-Supported Streaming Service Channel (App)

The new free Roku ad-supported channel App is now available to watch in the UK . Just watched a little bit of Zulu on my Roku Stick Plus and the picture looks pretty decent to me where according to this linked article below it says streaming quality ...

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Recently returned to nowtv offer

recieved this offer ....As a token of our love, restart your pass and get 3 months of epic entertainment for the price of 1. Let’s fall in love again. Every day you wait is another day you’ll never get back. But when I click on payment dates it says ...


I purchased a NOWtv stick for my tele that I pay £8.99 for.  I have spoken to BT and I pay for it in my BT package which they have confirmed.  They have told me to contact NOWtv which I am struggling to do!  Bt say that Nowtv can see that I pay via b...