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NowTV prices

Our NowTV broadband offer of £30 per month was ending, as getting through to a call centre was impossible I emailed but I don't get replies. We are now being charged £43 a month. How do I get NowTV to change it back to £30 if I can't contact them?

android location turns on when BB connects

Hi Can anyone explain or had the experience that when connecting to broad band on Now that android device location turns on sometimes for a moment sometimes remains on?No other reason and never happened before. I'm a new user and this is deal breaker...

Auto Renew - A Warning

Hello All, Just in case someone else gets caught like this. Some time ago I entered my Visa card number, went for a trial and used a supplied voucher code but cancelled voucher for when it expired so I wouldn't get auto renewal via my card. Recently ...

Resolved! NOW TV STICK

I am new to Now tv , if I buy a stick and plug in and connect to the internet can I watch normal tv channels etc or do I have to buy a pass---thanks for help JDG 

No TV!

I am now onto day 3 of nothing!  I have now TV and broadband yet nothing on my TV works... no movies, no catch up, no entertainment- NOTHING. I have reset the box, I've reconnected the stick and have no connection!  This is a joke.  And obviously the...

Xbox one and boost

Hi. I have an Xbox one and i have nowTV with boost. I know I can't receive full hd using the Xbox at the moment, but if I plug either a now TV box or the hdmi stick into the Xbox one's second hdmi socket will I be able to watch it in full hd? 

My now tv stick not working

HiMy now tv smart stick won't work when I take it to my friends house, it won't even pair up with the remote after doing a reset but it works perfectly when I plug it in at mine. It has worked before at my friend's house just doesn't want to now, not...

Unable to sign you in, please try again later

first of all I should start by saying this is a new account that I have set up in order to be able to access any kind of help/technical assistance from NOW TV. I’m having a problem that I’ve been having for just over two weeks now every time I sign i...

Pluto App not working

When i click on Pluto App nothing is found.  This app was working 1 minute and literally a couple of minutes later, was not working when i clicked on it again.  I have updated my system as suggested.  I have also removed this app and downloaded again...