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The product needs work

I get really annoyed when companies launch a product too early and this piece of kit is an example of this. I have not read others peoples comments so far but here are mine:


1) Interface slow and buggy, not as slick as the previous box I had which was the black one.

2) Sound issues.

3) No favourites on TV channels and cannot edit which channels I want to watch, live TV feels like an after thought.

4) TV guide, selecting a nowtv channel then takes you to another guide in the now tv app, not integrated well.

5) Can't attach a bluetooth keyboard for typring in user id's and passwords.

6) Doesn't appear to allow you to logon with the BBC iPlayer.


In 6 months time after various agile updates this product will be fine, my expection was to retune my samsung set without TV channels and use this box, as it stands I will be reverting back to the samsung as the live TV channels are just an after thought very poorly implemented.


To the reviewers in the press, shame on your for peddling a bunch of lies of how good this box is.


Feel like packing it up and sending it back.


Shame on you SKY for providing such a poor 1st attempt especially as the last 2 attempts were much better.

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I prefer all in one solution. Much easier than farting about with multiple boxes etc