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The product needs work

I get really annoyed when companies launch a product too early and this piece of kit is an example of this. I have not read others peoples comments so far but here are mine:


1) Interface slow and buggy, not as slick as the previous box I had which was the black one.

2) Sound issues.

3) No favourites on TV channels and cannot edit which channels I want to watch, live TV feels like an after thought.

4) TV guide, selecting a nowtv channel then takes you to another guide in the now tv app, not integrated well.

5) Can't attach a bluetooth keyboard for typring in user id's and passwords.

6) Doesn't appear to allow you to logon with the BBC iPlayer.


In 6 months time after various agile updates this product will be fine, my expection was to retune my samsung set without TV channels and use this box, as it stands I will be reverting back to the samsung as the live TV channels are just an after thought very poorly implemented.


To the reviewers in the press, shame on your for peddling a bunch of lies of how good this box is.


Feel like packing it up and sending it back.


Shame on you SKY for providing such a poor 1st attempt especially as the last 2 attempts were much better.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User having been on the trial I have been using the box for a while. I agree with points 3 &4. Point 2 is a matter of opinion, I find sound fine others do not.
Regarding point 1 for me it works same as black box. No lag here.
Regarding 5, I wasn't aware you were able to hook up a Bluetooth keyboard to the black box so not surprised that you cannot use it here.
Regarding 6 you can definitely use Iplayer.
Yes box is far from perfect but I don't think it has as many faults as you appear to.
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@Anonymous User I have to agree with @4268 I've also been on beta trial and have been using the box for a few months now.

your points:

1: I have no problems with the interface on this box, in fact due partly to the quad core processor, this box is a lot faster than 2015 box.

2: Would be interested in what sound issues you are having. Have you tried changing sound options in menu?.

3 & 4: Totally agree.

5: Not a fan of onscreen keyboards, so maybe this could be a solution.

6: BBC iplayer definitely works.


@Anonymous User @4268


Hi Oz


I've read your review and, quite honestly, I not surprised because most computer related items undergo significant modification and updates between the time they are released to the time when they can be considered fully stable.


I've learned, in the years of buying and working with computers and computer peripherals, never buy just release (leading edge) items, wait at least 6 months first.


However, your review will help other users in their decision to buy now or buy later.


Hi 4268


I've read your reply to OZ and I've seen other users reviews and opinions and, without any shadow of a doubt, this new Combo Box fills a niche in the market that some users were definitely looking for. Some users like the ease of installation and probably like the fact that should problems occur they only have to deal with one supplier.


As the two pieces of hardware, i.e. the New Now TV Combo Box and the Router, I understand the Combo Box is new, up to date tech, with all the facilities the 2015 Black Now TV Box has but with more power, while the Router is a Sky model that's been rebadged.


You know, I'll probably buy the Combo Box but I'll wait a little longer before committing myself.



UK Bob




@Anonymous User i was also on the trail and completely agree with points 1-4 yov have made.With regard to the freeview side of things,i think it is utter trash.i hope as time goes by i will change my opinion but for now im back using my roku 3.


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@Anonymous User


Reading your post about the new smart box comparing against the standard nowtv black box (where i also own both devices), this is my own experience based on your comments items 1 to 6.


However. i do fully appreciate everybody will have their own opinions and have a different perspective of any product that they test / compare. Smiley Happy


1) With my smart box navigating through the UI and Third Party Apps is much quicker and the remote controller is more responsive due to a better field of view from the IR sensor on the smart box compared to the standard black nowtv box.


2) No sound issues between either boxes.


3) Agree.


4) Agree.


5) No different to the standard black box, but any new additional features is always welcomed.


6) BBC iplayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5 work great on my smart box with the benefit of 50hz video output and the quad core processor of the smart box (with regards to your BBC IPlayer problem, have you tried removing the BBC app in My Apps and then reinstall the BBC app back on again onto the box).


I am also hoping that items 3 & 4 on the above can be resolved with some sort of future firmware/ software update (however i am not a Software or Electronics Engineer so not sure if there would be any reasons from this not happening).






Anonymous User
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Completely in agreement with these comments.


I was really looking forward to this product being released to provide a real alternative to a full sky package.


It's competitively priced, and looks good. The problems come when you switch it on and try to use it.


Main bugbears:


1) It's not an integrated Freeview/NowTV Solution. Its a NowTV box with a Freeview Tuner bolted on. When you access a Sky Programme from the Freeview EPG it takes you into NowTV and you have to select the programme again.


2) Lack of a full remote. It says it's compatible with some universal remotes but no idea which ones and what functionality is provided. Scrolling down the freeview epg with up down is a total waste of time.


3) Sound problems on some of the apps but I could live with this one.


This has the potential to be a great product but in it's current state it's going back in the box for now.


I do not understand the 4 and 5 star reviews at all.


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Having read this thread and many others, I think I'll wait a few months before (possibly) buying if a good promo package with passes (without phone & net) crops up.

Hopefully the glitches will be ironed out by then.


Quite happy with my older black NowTV box apart from the famous 60Hz issue and the fact that it can't pause NowTV. (Although my side load content is mostly 60Hz......)


They should have left Freeview out of it - IMO, there were only two things that needed fixing - the two I've just mentioned.


Sky's main driver here in including Freeview seems to be the packages with Internet and Phone services - pushing towards subscription land.

I'm not impressed, but Sky taking this apparent path was probably always inevitable.


@Anonymous User


Well D,


Even though I'm with you when you say:"They should have left Freeview out of it", there are a lot of people that like the "all in one" package and I am sure that as the product gets better more people will flock to it.


I am a "mix and match" person myself, believing I can get better value for money, but more and more people just can't be bothered and prefer the all in one solution.



UK Bob 

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Legend 5

It's very early days....


There's no doubt in my mind that the 'smart' box will get better and will include more user friendly features!