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Prelude to Axanar

Dear Forum Members


I am a Star Trek fan, not so much of the new JJ Abrams films, but most of the old stuff, like Deep Space 9, and of some of the fan made films.


However, the 21 minute fan funded film I quite enjoy at the moment is Prelude to Axanar, in fact I watched it again yesterday morning, for the umpteenth time.




Whether this fan film will ever get made into a feature film is unknown at the moment because CBS and Paramount tried to close it down by tying up the Axanar production team with a lawsuit.  And this piece of corporate stupidity put a massive dent the start-up company's time table and finances.


However, JJ Abrams convinced the powers that be to drop their lawsuit because they were alienating and causing bad will amongst Star Trek fans, and this may come back and bite them in their box office takings.


Anyway, Star Trek fans can catch this little gem on YouTube.



UK Bob


Legend 5
Legend 5

After the sad passing of Anton Yelchin, I wonder what the future holds for Star Trek? 

I haven't seen any of the material at all for Star Trek.


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Yes Casey


The passing of this young man in the prime of his life, lost to a pointless freak accident, is indeed a waste.


It's no doubt that the Star Trek movie franchise will go on, they're even making a new Star Trek TV series but that will be for pay TV only.


Personally, I believe as long as the owning studios (CBS and Paramount) allow fans to continue to "crowd source" and make their own films, like Star Trek - Horizon, Star Trek - Starship Exeter, Star Trek - Of Gods and Men, etc. There is no real end to the number of films that can be made under the Star Trek banner.



UK Bob