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Scholar 2

Now TV Smart box offer (Argos)

Argos have currently got their new Now TV Smart boxes selling at £39.99 with either a 5 month Entertainment pass or 4 months Movies!


Grab 'em while you can! Smiley Very Happy


Anonymous User
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Be careful that you order the right item.  There is some confusion with the catalogue numbers.


The Smart Box with 5 month Entertainment pass is 544/9570


The Smart Box with 4 month Cinema pass is 576/6985, and not as stated above.


They are also selling these packages with the non-Smart black box for the same price.  Rather confusing!




Scholar 2

Sorry that was my mistake, as in my excitement   I inadvertantly put the wrong link in. Doh!  Smiley Surprised


This is the correct one for the smart box with four months movies.


Hope no-one was caught out.