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Need customer support for poor to no broadband service

Now Tv broadband has been cut out even if my hub is connected and green-lit. I have several problems a day where it does not connect or I have videos, online documents, files, downloads not working at all, and making everything slow or crash because it depends on the loading. 


I require a phone number to call tech support or customer support, because nothing is working right, and having to talk to a chat that does not have my specific problem is arduous and irritating because I have been more than patient and nothing is happening.


i tried a number on google and it told me I wasn't allowed to call this number and it kept repeating this. 


I have done the check broadband and hub service and they all say they are working fine while I'm not downloading videos, files or anything online as you would expect from the super broadband service.


Please help or advice!


Sorry to see this, the contact details here will hopefully get you through.