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Cancelling help with overcharges

I have an account problem and the BOT suggested I post here. I signed up to a broadband deal including vouchers for passes, but I needed a TV stick. The only one I could get was on Amazon and included 1 month essentials and 1 month cinema, built into the stick. I went through the process of activating this on my TV and web browser, intending to use the built in passes first, and then the vouchers next month. The website has a fault which will not allow me to add a payment method so I could not activate the built in passes. Three chats later the advice was that I should buy the passes again at full price if I wanted to be able to watch NOWTV. I sent the stick back to Amazon. 


I cancelled the broadband contract as well, 3 days before it was going to be activated. The retentions team member said their team leader had to action this personally and sent them a message. Looking online it had not been done the next day so I phoned again. The agent apologised and promised his colleague in the office would walk this up to the manager and hold his hand until he cancelled it. The next morning was Friday, the day of activation, and I had been charged the first month's fee. I phoned again and the agent apologised, he said he would cancel it immediately and could not understand why his colleagues had not done it the first or second time. He promised I would get a full refund 'tomorrow'. This meant Monday because of the weekend. 


When I got the refund this morning, they had deducted some money pro-rata for the time that I had the service activated, which is totally unfair because at no time did I use it, and I had cancelled it twice in good time before the activation date. 


I'm not at all sure this is the right platform for this discussion, because I can't put any account details, but the BOT said this was the best way to reach out and get help for account problems. 


Can anyone suggest how I can make a formal written complaint to NOWTV, so that I can then refer the matter the an ombudsman? Do members think I should contact action fraud, is this a police matter? Do NOWTV have a postal address I can write to? 


Are there any staff on this community help forum that are able to comment please?


Thank you in advance for your kind support.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


The NowTV Community is mainly used by customers helping other customers out and it's extremely rare if a NowTV Staff Member will jump in here.


Here's a link to make a complaint directly to NowTV. 


I wouldn't recommend contacting The Police, where they have more important things on their plate at the moment with serious crimes and controlling social distance rules with Covid 19 rampant around the country.


Maybe speak to Citizen Advice ?