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Buying A New TV - Advice

Hi,  I've decided to buy a new TV.  I've narrrowed it down to a Samsung or LG.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Cheers @Anonymous User

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I'd suggesting getting one with as little bells and whistles as possible.

LED, 1080p with a minimum of 3 HDMIs is all you need. Whatever smart tech you get integrated will be out of date in 6 months and unsupported in two years. You'll want to keep the TV for at least 5. Let the NOW TV box and other future devices be the cheap smart part.

I've had my Samsung 32" F5000 for 18 months and been very pleased with it, my only wish was at least one more HDMI port.

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@Anonymous User wrote:

@BicBasher I've just given the browser on my TV a go on YouTube, and I'm very impressed! The new style Magic Remote gives much better control - I find it far easier to point and type with. And the TV itself displays web pages really nicely, and plays back video superbly.





@Anonymous User You may find it better than the LG YouTube app which isn't very good.   I use it to watch Sky News in HD at 1080p which is a lot better than the 576i on Freeview or via the Now TV Box Sky News app.

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