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Auto Renew - A Warning

Hello All,


Just in case someone else gets caught like this.


Some time ago I entered my Visa card number, went for a trial and used a supplied voucher code but cancelled voucher for when it expired so I wouldn't get auto renewal via my card.


Recently I purchased a voucher code and thought this is the way to go, purchase a code as and when I wanted it.


However after using the new voucher code, instead of it expiring and just stopping until another code is used, the auto renew kicked in again and charged my card.

It seems that because the auto-renew default kicked in it found my existing card details, which unfortunately was still valid. No idea why this defaults to doing this, well maybe I do!


There does not seem an easy way to clear your card details and/or stop the auto-renew without actually contacting someone. Maybe someone can clarify this or suggest an improvement to the options available?


Anyway, I would suggest that anyone wanting to go down the entering of voucher codes route, should make certain they cannot renew by using your existing card details, by contacting someone, (e.g. live chat), to remove card details/auto-renew. Of course it is fine if you want to subscribe and regularly have the amount charged to your card.


In affect I have now paid twice for my monthly subscription; purchased a code & charged from my card. At least I should be able to use the voucher code next month.


Hope this helps some people.


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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. To prevent auto-renew of a voucher code you simply cancel the pass from your My Account > My Passes page - cancelling doesn't stop the pass from working straight away (you still get to watch until your offer ends) but it does stop the pass from renewing automatically at the end.


For info all month passes on NOW TV auto-renew, whether you buy them direct or you use a gift card or voucher card.  You will need valid card details on your account even if you want to just use gift cards. 

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Can you help me please ?

my card was declined when now TV went to take payment. So I’ve updated my card details today. But it’s been cancelled already so how do I make the payment with new card & get it back on? I’ve already updated my card details on MyAccount, I just need them to take the payment so as I can watch again.  this is so much stress & I can’t believe there’s no helpline number on a Saturday ? You can’t Expect people to go all weekend without tv!  And crying kids wanting to watch their favourite shows !!plzzz help I want to make payment 


There’s no helpline number any day.


What happens if you go in and try to buy a new pass, as your old one must have expired for your service to stop, even if your card was declined?


Hopefully, this would trigger an attempt by NowTV to take the payment, using your new card details as on file on your account, and not blindly just think because you were declined before that you will still be declined?

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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Just realised that I have been charged since Dec 2017 33.99 per month on my card! (Never checked as though it was my SkyTV) and they could see I have never used the service as never logged on!! A honest mistake.

Used for a month - some deal they offered and because I never turned it off I have been charged ever since.  I only wanted one month!!! 


If you care about your customers, customer serivce had better call me!!

So annoyed and their chat team couldnt help.

Going to make this a personal mission so that others dont get this problem.  Looking on line they have been scamming lots of people!!

 Who else has had this issue - any tips to get your hard earned cash back?


@Anonymous User



You should realise that whenever you give a company, any company, access to your credit card they will use it whether or not you want or use their services. They are not going treat your card or money with reverence, they are going to use it as an unending source of income and are constantly dreaming up ways to "chisel" your funds away from you.

I'm sure you remember the banks and the PPI scandal where the entire banking industry came up with an illegal scheme to part UK customers from their money.

And there are still companies out there today looking to maximise their income by "leveraging" their customers credit cards that they have access to.

If I sound bitter it's because I got caught out by a well known mobile company that became business partners with a dodgy telecoms company, that was primarily setup to scam customers, and because I had no idea this was happening I lost between £70 - £100.

That said, you should always check your credit card statements to see what purchases and services you are actually paying for, I got caught out because at the time I did not check, never just pay the bill blindly when it turns up.


UK Bob



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Hi All - the "fun" continues.

My old entertainment voucher expired today, but I thought I was ok as I entered a new two month voucher code yesterday, which got accepted.

Now, I have been caught out before, that if you forget to cancel at the end of the voucher period, whatever card details you put in, gets used to automatically charge you a subscription regardless.

So Yesterday after I entered the code I then cancelled. In the past it just accepted this and stated you can carry on using the service up until the voucher expires and that will be it. Perfect.

Unfortunately, it completely cancelled the voucher too.

Talked to someone on live chat. Got them to put it back but asked that the automatic renewal process is stopped. He said he cancelled it and said my voucher would be fine.

No it wasn't, it stopped working today. Voucher dissapeared and could not re-enter it. Another live chat session for me.

Turns out that cancelling with a voucher that has more than a month on it, will also cancel the voucher. Got it back now, but they cannot cancel the auto-subscription to charge my card when the 2 month voucher finishes. Could not get a reason why. Now I have to remember to cancel at some point next month or I'll get charged. Wow, they are really sneaky.

So you are forced to give them your card details as there is no other option.
You can't just use a voucher, as that myseriously also requires you enter card details before it gets accepted.

People that haven't got access to any payment cards just can't use the service. I hear a lot of people got caught out buying a NowTV box, as conveniently this is not metioned on the box - so they now have expensive paperweights. 

Oh and also, not mentioned, is that the vouchers expire if not used in time! Nothing about this are on the device boxes or on the vouchers! No idea what their "shelf-life" is, but if you are saving some old vouchers, they probably won't work now. 

It is uncomfortable how sneaky NOWTV are! Particularly when you know a couple of simple changes can make all these issues dissapear and would at least give the impression they are a considerate customer focused company!

Anyway, rant over. Maybe my experience will help someone else avoid the confusion and possibly getting caught out.


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I don’t personally think the system is underhand in the way it operates it does state on my passes when the next payment is due so not really deceptive.  However Now tv does advertise the service as a no contract system, when in effect you’re in a month rolling contract.

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Ive just been on live chat but got disconnected so will try again tomorrow.I had a mcdonalds monopoly code from months ago  for a months movies i just used today.I straightaway cancelled autorenewal and account says i can keep watching till 29th Oct .Ive done this several times before  in the past and worked ok but this time cant watch movies on either of my now tv boxes or now tv stick.It just tells me to buy a pass,So frustrating.

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Hi @Anonymous User

When you go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers on here does it show the cinema pass cancelled and you can still watch up until the 29th of October ?

If not what happens if you try adding the voucher code again ?