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tvOS 13 beta

I have just installed the latest developer beta for tvOS 13 and the NowTV app no longer loads and content at all. All that you can see is the menu bar at the top of the screen. 

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Hi @greigallen 


I guess Apple will need to seed a seventh beta then....

Please bear in mind that generally we are all customers like you, and so can’t help with billing or other queries that only Now can answer. We can try to point you in the right direction though.



I realised that I posted this in the wrong forum, this is why a double posted in the Set-top boxes forum as I am unable to delete this one.

@greigallen @RoyB the current NOW TV app for Apple tv doesn’t work all that well on tvOS 12 or below, so not surprised that it works even less well on tvOS 13 beta 6 😂 (and of course a new NOW TV app for Apple tv is itself still only in beta...

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Exactly the same both on now tv and sky news

menu bar only no content 🤬