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"something went wrong" can't use now tv after update

I can't use now tv after an update.

I get a message "something went wrong" and no matter what I try to do, it is the same message across the site

THe forum is the only thing that works but that is outside sky is it not?

WHat is going on?



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Re: "something went wrong" can't use now tv after update

Hi @Tleris 


If the "Something went wrong message" is occurring all the time, then double check your IP address location (use this website tool linked below).


Should it report back that you are outside the UK, try unplugging the power to your Router for about 20 minutes to allow it to automatically acquire a new IP address.


If you are using a VPN, then see if disabling it makes any difference.


Should you be having no joy, then maybe type the error message in the Community Forum search box and have a read through all the relevant threads for a possible solution. 

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