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Re: open a file called l.php from

@caseyb1993 I'm on a mac.


I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes and that also found nothing. Looks a nice app to have though.


Like the blue robot Robot Happy


If it happens anagin I'll uninstall firefox and see if that helps. Or see what eset suggest about perhaps scanning in safe mode.


Re: open a file called l.php from

@SeeMoreDigital wrote:

Hi @MrGreen,


Does the survey say it has anything to do with NOW TV (or Sky). If it is, can you provide for info? 




No, but it did seem to appear only when I logged into the NowTV site.

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Legend 5

Re: open a file called l.php from

@MrGreen It is a good program to have 🙂

I have it on my Windows 7, my phone and my amazon fire tablet. 

It has never failed me. 🙂


Everytime I download something, I run a scan on it to be safe. 🙂



Just watch there be a reasonable explanation and me going completely bonkers. 😄

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