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how do i remove a device??

getting seriously annoyed! someone is using my nowtv and i CANT remove them therefor it wont let me watch as it says too many devices are on. ive changed my password god knows how many times ive removed permission from all accounts still no luck! please someone help before i pull my hair out and just cancel the account... 

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Re: how do i remove a device??



If an unknown user has a persistent logon, as you do have on the Now app on a TV, then any subsequent change by you, of password or whatever, won’t affect them.


But you can force a logout on all devices, which will get them off, via the steps below.


Go to this page:-

Change your password via the link there:-

This will stop the unknown use logging on again after you force logout, as below.


Set up a Payment PIN according to the link to that.


Not essential, but wise, if someone else has your account details, and you don’t quite know how, and you fear a further breach might be possible.


Finally, expand ‘How do I sign out of all devices’ and proceed as shown.


This will force the unknown user off, and not knowing your new password, they won’t be able to get back on. But note it will unavoidably force all your devices off as well, so you will need to log those back on.

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Re: how do i remove a device??

Go onto live chat and they will remove the device or devices for you they did remove a device for me 

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