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black friday

Hello, just wondering will there be any black friday deals on the passes, such as movies & entertainment for one year like we had last year  for £99 ? 

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The link that @FranzF  provided is purely for customer by customer basis. So each customers offers will be different. 

Best to keep checking the link out to see the best offer for you.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I’ve been a Nowtv customer for several years and got the £99 deal last year. I’ve had no new offers and there clearly aren’t any decent Black Friday deals on passes.


It looks like I’ll be getting Amazon Prime or Netflix instead now.

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@K10 if you haven't received an offer or you don't get a retention offer, jump on to live chat and ask if they can do anything. In recent weeks I've been given heavy discounts on entertainment and sport by doing just that. The flip side is they wouldn't offer me anything for movies.


Thanks Saint. The other half has tried as have a few friends, they’ve not had much joy. I think for me it’s got to the point where if they want my custom, they’ve got to  have a good deal, otherwise it’s sensible to walk away and consider other streaming services.

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Just got email with sports £20/month for 6 months.


lucky you - I got nothing and would be happy to get Sports at discounted price


It does appear to being very inconsistent. However I still believe if they want to benefit from BF, they have got to have some BF deals readily available to everyone, I’m not prepared to play lucky dip!


I'm waiting for this deal aswell, our pass runs out on Sunday so we are hoping that deal pops up then.