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Occasional Poster

Re: Why no Linux Support?

This is the last month I'll run my sub probably. Just no point. Forced ads no matter where you watch from (I do pay for this service, why shove more ads in my face?), low quality (where exactly is > 1080p streams?) and the fact I can't watch anything on my linux computers (which is all of them...) just is the cherry on top. Amazon prime video works fine in a browser on linux. Netflix works fine in a browser on linux. NowTV is trying to force me to use their incredibly buggy and silly app, which isn't supported on linux. Amazon prime video has high quality streams. Netflix has high quality streams. NowTV... well, doesn't. I could understand the attitude of not bothering to acknowledge other operating systems if NowTV had the best quality or the best selection, but it has neither. Inferior product that forces ads and doesn't work on my pc... cancelling my sub.