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Why Sky Sports Mobile Pass is a waste of time.

Having been sent a special offer for the Sky Sports Mobile Pass I decided I would have a look, and see what it had to offer.


The first thing I find is that you are stuck with 5 chosen channels:_


Sky Sports

Sky Arena

Sky Action

Sky Racing

Sky News


SO out of the 5 I would probably only watch 2, I have little interest in MMA, Boxing or Horse Racing.

Next up, you can't even use a tablet to watch these channels, it has to be on your phone, so being a proud owner of a 10inch Samsung tablet, with a SIM card meant nothing!


I cancelled the the pass faster than I activated it.


So in my humble opinion it would be a much more attractive package if:-


1. I could pick which channels I wanted, even if it was a points system where certain channels cost you more points and if you picked less in demand channels you could have 6 channels, but picking Premier League and F1 meant you could only have 3 channels, hope you catch my drift.


2. I can watch on any mobile device, after all the package is called Mobile, and not Smartphone, my eyes are't what they used to be, which is why I have the tablet.


I don't think that is unreasonable to be honest.




One Eyed Dave

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Re: Why Sky Sports Mobile Pass is a waste of time.



It might have been better if this pass had been called the Sky Smartphone Sports Pass, but I think we are all pretty clear about what Mobiles are.


So your tablet may be portable, and it may have a SIM in it, as does this iPad I’m using, so it’s mobile, but is it a mobile? No it isn’t. I guess I could argue that my laptop is mobile, like my iPad; I certainly wander around with it off its charger, and it’s good for more that a few hours at a time.


As regards picking your own channels; nice if you are the user, a nightmare if you are trying to support the user. You only have to look at the number of people who tip up here bewildered that they can’t get any of the other six Sports channels on their mobile pass, because they simply haven’t read the details about what they are purchasing before they buy it.


Can you imagine what it would be like trying to explain ‘Well, you can have this and this, but if you have that this, then you can’t also have this that, not at the same time’?


And then people wanting a tiered system, where you can pay more for more channels, and/or for bigger screens, and so on?


Bear in mind though, that what NowTV want to do is maximise their revenue; if you can propose a way that they can make more from a more flexible or more generous pass, at a higher cost but without either increasing the administrative burden or cannibalising the full Sports Pass, I’m sure they would listen.


You just have to couch what you want in terms that make extra £££s dance in front of NowTV’s eyes 😛

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