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Legend 5

Re: What's with the adverts?!


All those prices stated are full price. 


Throughout my 7 years as a customer with NOW, I can count on one hand the number of times I have paid full price for ANY membership.


Right now until January I have

Boost £1 

Cinema £3.99

Entertainment £3.99


All from going to "cancel" as its the best way to get any form of discounts with NOW

Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: What's with the adverts?!

@Fwaffy said:-


OK, reel your neck in.




Thing is, though, you are comparing the cost of the services in general.


But pick a specific thing you want to watch, 12 episodes say, available on Now included in the subscription, or from Prime Video at £1.99 an episode. Makes Now look like an absolute bargain.

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Re: What's with the adverts?!

Been subscribing pretty much since it first started but the addition of ads are a step too far so I've voted with my feet and have cancelled despite being on an offer. There's no way they're getting more money for Boost!


My cash will now go to Discovery plus, all though I'm alright for the next year as I got 12 months for £30.

Discovery, like  other paid-for UK streaming services (excluding Now), don't have ads!!!