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Scholar 5

Re: Walking Dead chat *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

@Thom77   @Andy 


The last ep of the handmaid's tale was so good!! She's going to be in big trouble though. 


Yet to start the latest season of 13 reasons but am a few episodes in on latest Mindhunter season which is a series that I'd recommend. 


Oh well not long until TWD 🙂



Scholar 5

Re: Walking Dead chat *CONTAINS SPOILERS*



The last Episode of THT was really good, but if June keeps helping everyone but herself then she'll never get out..... season four will no doubt start with a mass Martha wall hanging session...... AND just how good was it to see the Waterfords get their comeuppance??????


I'm still not up on Netflix yet (hence my 13 Reasons DVD), but I do have a notepad with stuff listed to watch if I ever get there... and I just recently pencilled in that Mindhunter show as something that gets reviewed well and should be good for a watch.... one day!!!!!