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The Walking Dead, among Others

Look,been using subscribe services for years! I'm the last of the moaners,but I am totally. discruntled. You (NowTv) say we can watch all boxsets, and it's one of the best place to do it!

As a great fan of (The Walking Dead; you only offer anything that doesn't expire within 28 DAY'S... Can't even watch old series... Even Channel 5/BBC etc, will be on for months... Look, all I'm saying is sort it out! I'm sure you can buy a few more hard drives to add to your server. 8-); Thanks Carl


P.s True Detective/ The Tunnel, what ever! Show all series PLEASE!


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Re: The Walking Dead, among Others


Sky only get the rights for a certain period of time for all their shows. 

Things might be changing with Comcast and certain shows that Comcast own. 



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