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Television information

What's in this topic?

This topic will show when TV programmes are going to air on UK TV . Information is posted in here as long as it meets the following criteria

  • The information found relates to the UK
  • The programme that  the information relates to is viewable on Freeview or Now TV (This includes retail Youview)

This criteria means that you won't find any programs that would require full sky TV, virgin media, BT or talk talk Youview In order to view them.


From time to time this topic may also include information on TV programmes that have been renewed for another season posts, which include information on these shows will be clearly marked and will include information such as


  • Current UK season
  • Upcoming UK season
  • Likely UK broadcaster/channel


There may be some shows missing from this topic, but that's because I'm only human and there will be shows that I miss Smiley Sad That being said if I ever forget to put game of thrones in here. You can shoot me. Smiley LOL


Please remember the information in this topic should be considered unofficial because in the vast majority of information is not provided by now TV (through the now TV entertainment blog) . It is obtained from elsewhere in the vast majority of cases and I do not work for Now TV. That being said, I do my utmost to make sure the information is correct.



If you're looking for @Anonymous User's Ultimate guide to box sets on now TV. Click here



How is the information in this topic presented?

The information will be shown in tabular format. Much like the latest posts in the old TV info topic. Information which has changed since it was first posted will be highlighted appropriately by using a light green background.


If the television programme has the letter B next to the season number that means it's part two of that season.


I will always post where I get the information from just as I did before. When information is obtained from the now TV entertainment blog. I will make that clear. But unless otherwise stated it is sourced from elsewhere.


Below is an example of  the format The information  it will be presented in. Sorry but I couldn't resist using game of thrones as the example Smiley Very Happy



Show nameSeasonDate/TimeUk Channel/broadcaster
Television information Table (Example only) (The information in this table is from Geektown)
Game of thrones 5 13th April 9:00PM Sky Atlantic

I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help I am a Community Contributor This means that I know a lot about the service. But just like you I am still a customer. This means I cannot help you with issues that would involve looking into your account directly. A member of the now TV forum team or live chat will need to assist you with these issues.
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