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Sky loses Matchroom Boxing

Further erosion of Sky's sports offering with the news Eddie Hearn has pulled his boxers from the platform and will partner with DAZN.


Eddie Hearn signs five-year DAZN deal as Sky Sports contract ends -

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I thought all boxing was on Box Office anyway lol clearly shows how often i watch boxing.

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Legend 5

With the loss of Matchroom Boxing, it looks like Sky have a new agreement with TopRank & Boxxer.


No idea of the quality of the fighters on their books.


I used to watch a lot of boxing in the eighties and nineties when the fights was on BBC & ITV. 


Not prepared to pay £20 to £25 per a pop for events on Pay Per View (for any sport). 

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@schnapps yep, saw during the week that a deal is imminent. A bigger stable of fighters but as they're  mostly American and Mexican, fights will be at 2/3am. They won't be moving fight times to satisfy a smaller market in the UK.


The other more obvious thing is people want to watch British fighters so the only option is another subscription!


While not relevant here, I also have a number of commercial contracts with Sky which have ever diminishing value as more content moves from Sky but the price still goes up and I'm paying eye watering sums of money for the pleasure of showing live sport! With DAZN not having a commercial service, I've now lost a chunk of income from a good 'fight night' that was on Sky.


As for Now, I can't see anything other than fixing the price for a considerable time and/or having better long term offers (none of this £20 for 3 months).

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Legend 5

Hi @Saint1976


I was under the impression from the linked article that Boxxer had British Fights at National level.


Though I am not expecting World Championship boxing from them.


Don't mind watching American or Mexican fighters, though I am expecting all the top fights to behind a PPV wall. 


I am seriously thinking of dropping my NOW Sports Membership after the British & Irish Lions games, because of the lack of Rugby Union on Sky, where Rugby Union is my main sport.