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Re: Sky and BT Partnership - Now TV Update for Youview

@robert1997 wrote:


I'm with you on considering my position as regards BT Youview. The sports rights are diminishing big time this past few months, the latest being them 'giving up' Scottish football to Sky. I'm still in contract until May and am more than likely going to be ditching some, and maybe all, of my BT contracts. I'm in the unique position of my tv/mobile/internet contracts all being up within the space of one week in May. The only entertainment channel I watch on BT TV which isn't on NowTV is Alibi and even that's only for Murdoch Mysteries (don't laugh, the wife loves it).


Yes, the complete abandonment of Scottish Football (despite the well received nature of their coverage, they still low-balled their bid) may well be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back??  Paying way too much for a so-so TV selection and reduced sports, something may have to give.... I'm taking Xmas and New Year to think about what to do.  I would probably miss some stuff across History Channel and AMC Channel, but not much else...... and DVD is always there as a last resort.

I am no longer within any contract period, so I might drop them completely or I might keep BT for Fibre and Phone and drop TV/Sport (just keeping the Youview box as basic freeview recorder)..... on top of that keep my Now TV Entertainment going and maybe make more of Sky Sports Passes (as that's where a lot of BT stuff is heading)...... although, as we've talked about elsewhere on this forum, the sports picture quality does need to improve for me to spend regularly on it!!!!

Also, there is no shame in having an eclectic mix of TV viewing...... it's amazing on these forums how often the 'wife' is blamed for TV habits!!!!!

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